Located in Walker, just west of downtown Grand Rapids, The Lazy Susan is updating the experience of the neighborhood Diner.



"The Lazy Susan is the culmination of a lifetime of cooking, traveling and taking care of people we love. "

Owners Shana and Bob Waterbury have always been in the business of showing people a great time. You can find Shana sharing a warm smile and a giggle in the dining room, or rolling up her sleeves in the back and helping Bob with preparing the locally inspired dishes on The Lazy Susan's seasonally adapting menu. Each month, the team will search out a new place of inspiration for the regional features and interpret traditional dishes with Midwestern ingredients.

While Shana's place has always been up front with the guests, Bob has focused his career on his cooking, and sourcing the best ingredients from the area. Years of working in cooperation with farmers and artisans has shaped the food that ultimately ends up on the table. Drawing inspiration from family, local traditions, and world travels, your experience at the Lazy Susan is unlike any other you will find.




(616) 724-4747




411 Wilson Ave NW        Grand Rapids, MI 49534



W-Fr 11a–8p                    
Sa-Su 9a–3p                

Closed Monday and Tuesday

*Closed for lunch service on Thursday, June 29th; we will open for dinner at 4pm.